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Preparing for the Future

Imagination, creativity and having fun feature throughout the Lift-O books, and the involvement of teachers, families and friends in these activities, as well as supporting the students provides extra opportunities and challenges in the classroom and at home. The Lift-Off series offers cross-curricular examples and activities to provide a highly flexible resource for teachers in different subject, topic and interest areas.

Book A students look at some successful people and their views on success and achievement, and the particular importance of striving to achieve a personal best. Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People and Arthur Costa’s 16 Habits of Mind are explored, and exercises based on these theories form a major part of
the section.

Book B students explore different ways of learning and how they can employ the most effective methods in their own learning. This part has examples, checklists and activities for students to reinforce their understanding of the various methods they can apply to successful studying at school and at home.


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