Fair Play!

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Author(s) : Peter Clutterbuck
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Fair Play! Classroom Games is an essential two book resource series for classroom teachers and teacher aides. The games have been designed for use with pairs, small groups or teams of students. Alternatively they can be used by a classroom support person who is working on developing social interaction skills with individual students. Other skills targeted cover listening, following instructions and team work.

Each game acts as a reinforcement for a number of basic literacy, numeracy or general social skills. But the main focus is on helping students to develop and improve the skills of turn-taking, fair play and being a good winner or loser in a safe, structured and fun learning context.

The games in the series can also be used independently by early finishers, or as a class ‘treat’. For example, a ‘games hour’ on a Friday afternoon.

Teachers should photocopy and laminate the games instructions and just photocopy player pages, taking care to keep them together. Depending on how teachers intend to use them, it is recommended that you put the laminated sheets into boxes with labelling which suits the approaches you intend to take. For example “Quick Games”, “Brain Teasers”, “Word Games” and so on.

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