ISBN: 9781776553914

Understanding Feelings


ISBN: 9781776553914
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Supporting the mental health of adolescents

Adolescence can be a time of great vulnerability as many teenagers grapple with changed expectations and demands, peer pressure, a desire to fit in, and the need to be valued and accepted as an individual. It is also a pivotal time of transition, as how a young person feels about themselves and their place in the world can profoundly shape the emerging adult. Understanding Feelings is all about equipping young people with the self-esteem, resilience and strategies they need to cope with the stresses of our increasingly complex and demanding world.

Its straightforward information and authentic activities prompt students to explore their own responses to many of the issues young people face, ranging from hope and happiness to gender identity and sexual feelings to depression, self-harm and suicidal thoughts. Another important component of this book is that it guides students to look outside as well as in – to consider the feelings and needs of others – with the aim of improving how our most emotionally fragile young people are perceived and treated

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