ISBN: 9781912112555

Toolbox of Wellbeing


ISBN: 9781912112555
Author(s) : Tina Rae
SKU: 9781912112555


Helpful strategies & activities for children, teens, their carers & teachers

A must-have book full of easy to use activities to build emotional wellbeing in all children and young people and to support the recovery curriculum in schools in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. For use by all parents, carers, teachers and others concerned with the well-being of children and young people, with much needed practical advice and support to protect mental health and wellbeing at a time of uncertainty and fear.

This book will provide children, young people and their carers with user-friendly, easy to understand and evidence-based strategies to build good mental health and to build the resilience needed to move on from stressful situations and trauma – including those related to the current Coronavirus pandemic. The activities are divided into sections for younger children, teenagers and whole groups or classes and are grouped under the three key trauma recovery approaches of:

  • ‘Self-Regulate for Wellbeing’
  • ‘Get Moving Mentally & Physically for Wellbeing’
  • ‘Connect for Wellbeing’

This book will provide an excellent means of developing a whole school culture of support and nurture as young people transition back into school after what, for many, will have been a stressful period of lockdown.

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