Super Starters

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Author(s) : Peter Clutterbuck
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This two-book photocopiable series from Peter Clutterbuck is designed to support teachers in situations where they find themselves having to focus or ‘ground’ students at the start of lessons before meaningful learning can occur. It may be at the start of the day, following a lunch break, following lessons outside the classroom such as P.E., etc. Students will work on challenging, stimulating material that reinforces and extends their knowledge in a range of learning areas. Each one-page activity takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. There are in excess of 80 activities in total.

Book A:

  • General Knowledge Activities
  • Health Activities
  • English Activities

Book B:

  • Geography/History
  • Mathematics Activities
  • Science Activities
  • Art Activities
  • Special Days Activities

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