ISBN: 9781740255691

In Full Bloom


ISBN: 9781740255691
Author(s) : Tina McDougall
SKU: 9781740255691


In Full Bloom gives teachers the tools to help students become thoughtful, strategic and independent readers. It outlines a literacy program based on Benjamin Bloom’s six levels of cognitive thinking, and contains interactive literacy tasks to capture students’ interest and develop in them a lifelong love of reading. Designed to engage even the reluctant or disinterested reader, this flexible resource explores story structure through children’s literature and encourages students to use critical thinking skills when interacting with a wide range of texts.

• Based on Bloom’s Taxonomy
• Flexible – tasks can be used as and when the teacher chooses
• Fun! (for students and teachers)
• Gives a suggested implementation procedure
• Includes assessment suggestions and checklists to record which activities students have completed

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