ISBN: 9781760016500

Thinking in Today’s Classrooms


ISBN: 9781760016500
Author(s) : Michael Pohl,
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A Handbook for Educators

Few people concerned with the education of young minds would argue that one of the primary objectives of schooling should be the teaching of tools for life-long learning. When asked to list important tools for life-long learning, many educators would place a high priority on empowering students with the ability to reason, make informed judgements, critically evaluate information and think creatively. But while schools have clearly articulated guidelines and policies for just about everything remotely connected to student learning, the teaching and infusing of thinking across the curriculum at all levels is a common exception.

The purpose of this revised edition is to fill that void by giving teachers a manageable framework for the explicit teaching of thinking and to showcase examples of infusing thinking into content delivery. This will equip students with thinking tools to use throughout their schooling and empower teachers with readily applicable strategies as they plan for higher-order thinking outcomes from their students.

An important step towards achieving the explicit teaching of thinking is adherence to a framework that describes how it will be implemented, managed and assessed. This publication outlines some frameworks for a whole-school approach aimed at ensuring that students know, understand and can apply a range of thinking skills as they work with content. The frameworks describe modules that can be easily sequenced so that students are exposed to – and can, hopefully, master – the diverse range of thinking strategies discussed.

Used as intended, the thinking modules in Thinking in Today’s Classrooms may provide the basis of a scope and sequence for the teaching of thinking that encompasses a wide range of strategies aimed at developing higher-order thinking skills.

Former Title: Teaching Thinking Skills in the Primary Years (ISBN: 9781864016604)

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