ISBN: 9781740259644

Thinking Allowed


ISBN: 9781740259644
Author(s) : Suzanne Gunningham
SKU: 9781740259644


The focus of education today is on using open-ended tasks to assist students’ development as strategic thinkers who work well in teams and embrace individual diversity. But how does this work in practice?

Thinking Allowed shows how thinking can become part of the mathematics curriculum. It gives practical suggestions for applying thinking tools to classroom organisation, teaching and assessment with information on tools and theories such as:

  • Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences
  • Ryan’s Thinker Keys
  • Learning Styles
  • Learning Modalities
  • De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats
  • Open-ended Tasks
  • Graphic Organisers

The book is ideal for upper primary and lower secondary students while many of the activities and methods can be adapted to other levels and other curriculum areas. This book offers mathematics activities to use with students, as well as activities for professional learning teams who want to improve their understanding of ’Thinking’. With these tools and activities, the teaching and learning process will become a richer, more exciting experience for students and teachers alike. May contain some Australian specific material.

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