Thinking about Picture Books

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A Guide thoughtful discussion

Thinking is something we often take for granted. But thinking is not a matter of swapping opinions or simply filling in answers on the handout activity sheets like the ones you will find in these resources. It is a disciplined, reflective process. It is frustrating, challenging and often confusing, and it takes time and practice. But the results are worth

The discussion plans and activities in the Thinking about Picture Books series are designed to encourage students to consider philosophical concepts within certain well-known and
well-loved picture books. But don’t be fooled into thinking that these resources are aimed only at young children. They can be used with students of all ages, right up to Year 12. Along with the ready-to-photocopy handouts, the books contain teacher notes and a checklist of essential thinking skills. Also provided are evaluation forms that teachers can use to assess students’ critical thinking skills and that students can use to assess their own progress.


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