ISBN: 9781869684082

Blends Book, The


ISBN: 9781869684082
Author(s) : Rachel Goodchild
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The Blends Book is aimed at those children who are confident with initial sounds. Each blend comes with an activity page and two reading worksheets. These have been designed to provide consolidation of blend recognition and use.

The activity models can be assembled by most children independently. Following written instructions is an excellent transactional reading activity. The construction of these models can also be a good way to utilise any parent support you may have with your programme. These activities require fine motor skills such as cutting, folding, pasting and colouring. The intention is to provide children with a finished product that can lead to further discussion about the blend they are learning.

The reading worksheets are designed for two levels of difficulty. They further develop a range of language skills such as endings, word families, rhymes, location and identification. They can be used as part of a reading programme that focuses on a different blend each week, adds to the letter of the week programme, addresses a specific need or as a maintenance task for homework.

Confidence in recognising blends helps children to have more successful word attack skills and to write more fluently.

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