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Team Challenges 2


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Team Challenges 2 is a compilation of strange and fabulous tasks that will have teams thinking, creating, planning, playing, predicting, acting, singing, dancing, racing, imagining, designing, describing, surprising, explaining, entertaining, writing, solving, constructing, inventing, drawing, modelling, proposing, composing, wrapping each other up in newspaper, laughing and learning.

Team Challenges 2 features 65 entertaining challenges for teams that require cooperation, imagination and fast thinking to accomplish. In addition, Team Challenges 2 includes more than two hundred team warm-ups and suggestions for ten ‘longer’ challenges.

The challenges can be used by teams of all kinds, and are ideal for enrichment, extension and teambuilding. Participating in these challenges will help team members break away from routine ways of thinking and make creative leaps into the unusual and untried. [Team Challenges 2 includes material published previously in Teambuilding Challenges

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