ISBN: 9781863977715

Teaching Skills for Ball Games

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ISBN: 9781863977715
Author(s) : Linda Smith,
SKU: 9781863977715


Teaching Skills for Ball Games is designed to help students learn and perfect the techniques needed to play a whole range of popular Australian summer and winter sports. Written by Linda Smith, who began her teacher training under the expertise of the All Blacks’ fitness coach Jim Blair, this book abides by Jim’s belief that game skills should be taught and refined individually before games are played in the entirety.

Teaching Skills for Ball Games clearly outlines what is needed for each lesson, how the children should be divided and positioned and what they should be focusing on to become proficient at the various ball skills. All lessons are easy to follow, curriculum linked and are easily adjusted to suit a range of age groups and abilities. It makes the perfect teaching tool for anyone teaching Physical Education in Australian schools.

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Teaching Skills for Ball Games, Teaching Skills for Ball Games e-Book

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