ISBN: 9781741702941

Developing a Thinking Curriculum in Your School


ISBN: 9781741702941
Author(s) : Michael Pohl
SKU: 9781741702941


Developing a Thinking Curriculum in Your School: A Handbook for Educators addresses the challenge of embedding this methodology both within and across a school. With over ten years experience guiding educators in Australia and New Zealand, Michael Pohl outlines a five-step process that will assist schools to implement a whole-school approach to deliver thinking into the curriculum. It provides a framework for practices designed to ensure that the thinking curriculum becomes an enduring part of the culture of your school.

How can we make a thinking curriculum part of the culture of every classroom? With a greater understanding of brain function and the reality of an ever-changing world, teachers are looking towards a thinking focused curriculum. Infusing thinking into content delivery, the use of the language of thinking and the explicit teaching of thinking are helping to make a thinking curriculum a constant feature of classroom practice.

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