ISBN: 9781760566647

Why do we tell Stories


ISBN: 9781760566647
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This book has been designed to support you as you begin experimenting with Project Based Learning (PBL) in your English classroom. Trying out something new in the classroom is always a daunting experience because feedback on success or failure is immediate. The great thing about PBL is that it is creative for both the teacher and the student, and that means that experimentation, and sometimes failure, is a natural part of the process. The methodology of PBL is relevant to areas other than English – it can be used in a range of subjects, with many projects actually integrating more than one subject across the curriculum.

This book has been structured into three distinct parts, designed to help you feel supported in your PBL journey.

PART 1: The What, Why and How of Project Based Learning

The first part of the book provides you with some background information about the nature and purpose of PBL, as well as outlining key strategies to ensure a successful and enjoyable learning experience for you and your students. This section also includes a discussion of how assessment works in PBL, as well as the relationship between PBL and the Australian Curriculum’s
General Capabilities.

PART 2: Sample Projects

The second part of the book provides you with a selection of sample projects suitable for students in Years 7 and 8. You will be pleasantly surprised that a lot of the activities in this section look familiar – that’s because PBL is about taking the best teaching strategies and re-purposing them. The difference with PBL is that it empowers students to see a purpose for their learning beyond the classroom and to feel confident that they know where they are headed while they move through the project process.

PART 3: Additional Resources

The third part of the book is full of extra resources to help you design and run your own engaging projects for your English classes.

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