ISBN: 9781935542735

Unstoppable Learning


ISBN: 9781935542735
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Discover how to enhance teaching and learning using the seven elements of the Unstoppable Learning model: (1) planning, (2) launching, (3) consolidating, (4) assessing, (5) adapting, (6) managing, and (7) leading. You’ll gain a variety of proven strategies and tools for creating clear learning targets, preparing effective lessons, adapting learning in response to students’ individual needs, and more.

  • Learn to effectively distinguish patterns and consider short- and long-term consequences in the classroom.
  • Use the seven elements of the Unstoppable Learning model to better understand the big picture of education and the intricate relationships that impact classrooms.
  • Prompt discussion and reflection using the driving questions and chapter takeaways.
  • Gather helpful sample surveys, unit plans, analysis forms, rubrics, templates, and pull-out questions to develop quality learning environments.

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