ISBN: 9781936764495

Thriving as a New Teacher


ISBN: 9781936764495
SKU: 9781936764495


Discover strategies and tools for new teacher success. In this user-friendly guide, the authors draw from best practice and their extensive experience to identify the necessary skills and characteristics to thrive as a new educator. Explore the six critical areas related to teaching that most impact new teachers and their students, from implementing effective assessments to working confidently and effectively with colleagues.

  • Understand the important role of teachers, the challenges new teachers face, and strategies to overcome those challenges.
  • Learn the characteristics necessary to thrive as a new teacher in six spheres: self, students, classroom management, curriculum management, assessment, and colleagues.
  • Access templates, including self-assessments and checklists, to support the efforts of new teachers.
  • Determine how to establish classroom procedures and rules early on, and discover tools to promote positive behavior and handle disruptive behavior.
  • Connect with students, parents, school leaders, and colleagues to create an atmosphere that supports both teachers and students.

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