ISBN: 9781951075477

Teaching for Lifelong Learning


Develop students into curious explorers and independent thinkers. With this resource, you will explore a lifelong learning approach to education as well as key goals for educational success.


ISBN: 9781951075477
Author(s) : Elliott Seif
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How to Prepare Students for a Changing World

How can teachers ensure students will continue to challenge and educate themselves after graduation so they can succeed throughout their lives? In Teaching for Lifelong Learning, author Elliott Seif distinguishes a four-phase instructional framework:

  1. Setting the stage
  2. Building the foundation
  3. Deepening learning
  4. Providing closure

With the framework and coordinating strategies, educators facilitate key goals, criteria and principles to support learning beyond the classroom. When educators align their curriculum and assessments with the principles and criteria for lifelong learning, students can continually show essential skills like making connections, synthesizing ideas and collaborating.


  • Gain strategies and activities specific to each instructional phase, plus a core set of activities that work across all four phases
  • Support students as independent learners through four key educator goals – (1) Develop a growth mindset in students, (2) Build a foundation of key understandings and skills, (3) Deepen learning and (4) Broaden and enrich student experiences
  • Know what lifelong learning criteria to look for when auditing an existing curriculum or choosing or designing a new one
  • Review examples of the four instructional phases in various student-centered elementary, middle and high school classrooms
  • Understand why civics education is important to lifelong learning and receive resources and guidelines for creating a civics education curriculum

About the Author:

Elliott Seif is an educational consultant and author. He served for 15 years as the director of curriculum and instruction services for the Bucks County Intermediate Unit, an educational service agency in Bucks County, Penn. He was also a social studies teacher, professor of education at Temple University, and the director of the Pennsylvania Future Problem Solving Program.

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