ISBN: 9781877440038

Managing Multilevel Classrooms


Successfully juggle the variety of demands that arise when teaching students of differing levels.  This series helps teachers cater effectively to a classroom of students of diverse ages, social backgrounds, behaviours and academic requirements.

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ISBN: 9781877440038
Author(s) : Danny Nicholls
SKU: Managing Multilevel Classrooms


Multilevel teachers face a daunting task in catering effectively for the needs of their students. They not only have to accommodate ages ranging from 5 to 13 in the same classroom but also to meet the social, behavioural, and academic demands of this learning environment. The author combines tips, strategies, and templates alongside “real-life” examples from his classroom and from interviews with other successful practitioners to provide a practical compendium of advice on the many planning, assessment, classroom management, and other issues that busy multilevel practitioners confront daily.

The two books in this series:

  • Focus on establishing and maintaining a quality multilevel learning environment
  • Contain ideas, templates, and plans ready for instant implementation in any multilevel classroom
  • Suggest ways of building classroom culture, managing behaviour, physical classroom layout and programmes, and developing individual abilities
  • Offer ideas for programmes that really work
  • Save busy practitioners time and energy.

Book 1: Planning and assessment

  • Unit One: Creatures from the Deep
  • Unit Two: Heroes
  • Unit Three: Our New Nation
  • Unit Four: Transport

Book 2: Class culture and organisation

  • Section One: Managing the Multilevel Class
  • Section Two: Managing the Multilevel Literacy Programme
  • Section Three: “What We Do”: Tips from Multilevel Teachers

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