ISBN: 9781869683801

Handy Worksheets For Busy Teachers

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ISBN: 9781869683801
Author(s) : Peter Clutterbuck
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The Handy Worksheets for Busy Teachers! series for lower primary students contains easy-to-use worksheets that will help establish homework routines and provide reinforcement activities for a range of literacy and numeracy skills.

Each page in the Handy Homework series contains between 7 and 9 activities.  Activities are arranged sequentially and in grade levels of difficulty across the two books, providing a valuable on-going summative record for parents and teachers of children’s general educational development.

The series helps parents and teachers to zero in on areas of basic skills in which children may be experiencing difficulties.

Skills covered include:

  • Locating information from a text
  • Matching and grouping
  • Reinforcing basic vocabulary
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Identifying word shape
  • Shapes
  • True/false
  • Following a sequence
  • Counting
  • Word identification
  • Word matching
  • Drawing word families
  • Cloze
  • Initial blends
  • Word endings
  • Time
  • Odd and even

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