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Author(s) : Karyn Jones
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This resource provides opportunities for young children to:

  • Explore the designs of every day products that we use;
  • Consider the properties of materials and why this affects what things are made of; and
  • Investigate the way things move.

Students will indulge in practical activities; work in small groups and take part in lively discussions to explore materials, products, tools and equipment around them.

Book 1 (Lower Primary):

  1. Green & Clever Design
  2. How things Move
  3. Where things come from?
  4. Materials and designs

Book 2 (Middle Primary):

  1. Design & Technologies in the Community
  2. Investigating Materials & Forces
  3. Food & Fibres Technologies
  4. Designing Solutions
  5. Designing Safety

Book 3 (Upper Primary)

  1. Design for Safety & Well-being
  2. Sustainable Designs
  3. Critiquing and Creating Design
  4.  Electrical Technologies
  5. Food Fibres

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