STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths

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Author(s) : Miranda Mason
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Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths are the collection of learning areas known as STEM. A particular way of thinking draws these subject areas together and encourages students to create solutions to problems.

The Irish Government, through the STEM Education Review Group (2016), have shone a spotlight on the importance of students having problem-solving and innovative thinking skills. They believe that the workplaces of the future will increasingly rely on students to be able to think critically and flexibly in order to address the fast-moving pace of our world.

This teacher resource supports educators by facilitating their development of inquiry-based learning in the classroom across Science, Mathematics and Technology. Literacy is also important as a general capability and is interwoven in the tasks encouraging students to express their discoveries in a variety of ways.#

Book 1: This resource has been designed to be completed by First Class students and has been broken into four main sections. The first section focuses on Science and Engineering and asks students to consider living things and the night sky and complete a variety of challenging investigations. The content is generally outlined in the first section of the
topic followed by a task to enable opportunities to put learning into practice

Book 2: This resource is written for students in the Second and Third Class. The book is broken into four main sections. The first section focuses on the core science and Engineering inquiry skills with a variety of challenging investigations outlined. The content is generally outlined in the first part of each topic and more challenging investigations are then

Book 3: This book provides classroom teachers with the means to approach both the targets of inquiry-based mathematics learning and the introduction of coding, alongside science inquiry skills and content, use of engineering processes, and design and digital technologies. The activity sheets also emphasise literacy skills.

Book 4:  This book is divided into 5 sections. House Construction provides activities that encourage students to develop critical thinking skills and mathematical problem-solving abilities through practical worksheets to test brick construction, scale and map drawing, and geometric shape. Students explore concepts of stability and instability.

Book 5: The book is structured so that students can work both independently and collaboratively to discover how they can contribute to making the Earth’s energy production and use, more sustainable. While investigating each of the renewable energy sources and completing several inquiries and experiments, students will use twenty fi rst century thinking and problem-solving skills.

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