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Author(s) : David J. Cohen
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Real Life Maths  is designed to present students with “real life” contexts that require an understanding of a range of mathematical processes. Reluctant maths students will benefit from this book as all activities are designed to provide direct meaning rather than just being presented as a set of sums and number problems. Sections contain challenge and extension activities that build on from the main problem.

The problems are designed to consolidate comprehension skills as well as mathematical processes and problem solving strategies. Activities are linked to student outcomes and each section contains an opportunity for reflection.

Real Life Maths Book 1 is a follow on to book 1. Sections include:

  • Maths in the news
  • Maths in advertising
  • Planning a holiday
  • Using a mobile phone

Real Life Maths Book 2 is a follow on to book 1. Sections include:

  • Features of CDs
  • Buying a widget
  • Party planning
  • Owning a credit card
  • Maths in the movies
  • An introduction to the stock market

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