Open-Ended Problem Solving


The Open-ended Problem Solving series offers a bank of meaningful and challenging activities for the primary classroom.
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Author(s) : Harry O'Brien
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Meaningful activities to develop students’ skills and strategies

The Open-ended Problem Solving series offers a bank of meaningful and challenging activities for the primary classroom. For the teacher, they offer a relevant, easy-to-use resource while for students they are designed to be an enjoyable way to consolidate and progress their problem-solving skills. Fitting readily with the curriculum, the activities provide open-ended, challenging questions that get students thinking mathematically on a regular basis. In using more than one strategy to answer a specific question, young mathematicians also learn that problems can be solved in more than one way and can have multiple solutions.

At all levels, the interesting and varied problems are highly motivating and encourage students to explore both common and unusual situations. The outcome will satisfy everyone as students become better able and more confident to tackle a wide variety of problems.

Recommended Ages:

  • Book 1: 7-8 (56 pages)
  • Book 2: 9-10 (60 pages)
  • Book 3: 10-11+ (60 pages)

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3 X A4 Photocopiable Teacher Resource Books – Page count: 56-60 pages per book


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