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The Numeracy in Action series offers activities that give students the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and strategies so they may achieve success in numeracy. The activities and games challenge students to think by exploring, listening and problem-solving. The development of fluency and accuracy in basic facts is paramount to students’ success in mathematics.
Book 1: North, South, East, West – Mathematics: Geometry
  • This resource assists students to develop an understanding of shape and space, with particular emphasis on the description and interpretation of position using the language of direction and distance.

Book 2: Oranges and Lemons – Mathematics: Basic Facts, Addition & Subtraction

  • The activities in this book will help students develop basic fact knowledge with a focus on making 10, 20, 50 and 100. Once the students recognise these number patterns they are able to apply their knowledge and use it as a strategy in working out other mathematical problems

Book 3: Pig in the Middle – Mathematics: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division

  • This resource comes in two parts. The first is addition and subtraction. The second is multiplication and division. It is a versatile game that develops the student’s skills in the four operations. The sequence of basic facts is logical and easy-to-follow. All games and activities can be used independently, co-operatively (in pairs and small groups) and as a homework kit.

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Seanne James holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education and Linguistics plus a Diploma of Teaching. She is an experienced teacher who has taught at most levels of primary school. After professional development in mathematics, she saw a need for additional mathematical resources so she developed her own – the Numeracy in Action series.

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