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This two-book series is packed with activities that involve students in problem-solving and exploration. They all involve a ‘puzzle’, mathematical mystery or story which students have to work through to a solution.

Watch your students rise to challenges such as:

  • Deciding where to place camera detectors in an art gallery (Geometry)
  • Cracking a secret code (Interpreting information, logic and reasoning)
  • Installing a TV transmitter so it reaches all towns in the region (Measurement; Calculation)
  • Solving the mystery of barcodes and learning how to check digits (Modular Arithmetic and Problem Solving)
  • Studying ‘ancient’ algorithms and old Aztec number systems (Calculation and Discovery)


These activities are excellent for early finishers; for homework; and for cooperative group work.

Each activity emphasises problem solving and exploration which can be done individually or in groups. The teacher pages provide answers, show how problems can be worked through to conclusion and point out issues to look for.

Activities are high interest and usually centered around a ‘puzzle’, mathematical mystery or story which students have to work through.

GO FIGURE! is excellent for homework and cooperative work, and for students who need ‘extra work’ to keep them busy.

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