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Developed to meet the needs of students who are getting to grips with algebraic concepts. This is a three book series packed full of activities which have problem solving focus, teaching ideas and methods of reinforcement.

Each task is related to an algerbraic concept and, as students move through tasks, the concepts become progressively more complex. Students are encouraged to work together on tasks, to discuss and to use written language as strategies for increasing understanding.

Each section in the books comprises a teachers page, which includes a plan for organisation and suggestions for implementation, and student activity pages that use student-centred, problem-solving approaches to cater for a variety of learning styles and classroom applications.

Book A explores spatial and number patterns. This includes: Pattern rules, tables and organisation; prediction rules; algebraic and graphic symbols; number patterns; creating patterns; investigations.

Book B Explores graphing and includes Matching pairs; Finding and showing relationships; sketching using and interpreting graphs, finding rules; completing, showing and identifying ordered pairs.

Book C Exploring equations and expressions includes solving simple equations; generalising patterns; identifying and simplifying terms; operations and brackets in both directions; expanding and factorising expressions; using solution sets; compacting terms; relationship tables; practical equations.


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