ISBN: 9781927190760

Mentor Teacher Guide, A


Supporting beginning and experienced teachers to be effective practitioners

ISBN: 9781927190760
Author(s) : Deirdre Senior
SKU: 9781927190760


Supporting beginning and experienced teachers to be effective practitioners

Mentoring is a valuable role that many teachers take on, either formally or informally. But how can you pursue it in reality so that the mentored teacher continually improves their practice, while making the most of their strengths?

A Mentor Teacher Guide is bursting with tools and tips that have been proven to work in a wide range of mentoring situations. They may be used as they are or adapted – whichever approach helps them to work for you and your workplace. This book could also be used to support schools in their appraisal processes.


  • Offers detailed, practical guidance to teachers in any kind of mentoring role
  • Includes templates on classroom observations, professional development reflections and reflective questioning
  • Contains ideas for providing effective, practical feedback
  • Provides examples of classroom observations
  • Suggests approaches to develop your professional learning network beyond the school

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A4 Teacher Resource Book – 52 pages


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