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A practical guide to working with gifted and talented students

Despite the changing attitudes and greater official social support, it is you, the regular classroom teacher, who will probably have the main responsibility for promoting and providing enrichment programmes. Our aim in Help! There’s an Einstein in my Class! is to make it easier for you to recognise the gifted and talented students in your class and to cater to their needs. However, we believe that whatever you do should be done in consultation with parents and, if appropriate, your students’
wider community. Make sure, too, that you have the understanding and support of your school’s managers.

This two-book resource series contains an easy-to-follow guide to setting up a step-by-step programme for gifted children and includes real-life examples of gifted students’ investigations.

Book A looks at ways of identifying gifted students, methods for implementing a classroom programme, creative and critical thinking skills, accessing expert support, and using technology.

Book B looks at setting up independent learning programmes, meeting affective and cultural needs, evaluation techniques, and organising staff professional development.

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