ISBN: 9781899836581

Excel with the Multiple Intelligences Poster Set


A colourful set of 9 posters to stimulate discussion on the use of the Multiple Intelligences

ISBN: 9781899836581
Author(s) : Matt Pearce
SKU: 9781899836581


A colourful set of 9 posters to stimulate discussion on the use of the Multiple Intelligences

Imagine being able to access both the conscious and unconscious mind with your educational and inspirational materials… Imagine having instructive visuals that are actually attractive, even enjoyable, to look at… Imagine your working environment made colourful and stimulating… What you are now imagining is what the Excel with the Multiple Intelligences poster set achieves. Designed to register with the conscious and unconscious mind when displayed in the classroom or office, this poster set accesses peripheral vision to subliminally deliver its message and attracts the direct, conscious gaze with its engaging designs. Emphasising the multiple ways in which we can learn, eight of the posters portray each of the individual intelligences as identified by Howard Gardner in his ground-breaking book Frames of Mind, while a ninth summarises and integrates these various intelligences. Effective both as teaching and creativity aids and as attractive visuals, the Excel with the Multiple Intelligences poster set is an invaluable tool for trainers, coaches and managers, in additon to secondary, further education, higher education, and TEFL teachers. Offering a purposeful and powerful way to enhance a learning or working environment, these posters stimulate, illuminate and edify. 9 posters.

Dimensions: 420mm x 297mm

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9 x A3 Colour Posters


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