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Phonological Awareness Cards


ISBN: PE-35015
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This is a complete Phonological Awareness programme in a box!  Teaches seven skill areas with 210 cards.  Each card has three pictures on the front and a hierarchy of stimulus items on the back.


  • Develop phonological awareness
  • Improve literacy and decoding skills

The cards are organised into seven phonological awareness skill areas:

  • Rhyming—identify words that sound alike or rhyme
  • Syllable Identification—identify the number of syllables in a word
  • Syllable and Sound Blending—blend sounds or syllables into a word after they are given separately
  • Initial Alliteration—identify the beginning sound in a word
  • Final Alliteration—identify the last sound in a word
  • Phoneme Isolation—identify whether a given sound occurs at the beginning, middle, or end of a word
  • Sound Deletion and Substitution—delete a given sound from a word and say the new word or syllable; replace a specified sound in a word and say the new word

Use the cards:

  • for drills
  • with board games
  • in small groups
  • in conjunction with classroom reading activities
  • to supplement literacy and spelling

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