ISBN: 9781760563158

Learning to Love Grammar


ISBN: 9781760563158
Author(s) : Peter Clutterbuck
SKU: 9781760563158


Activities and Exercises For Better Writing

The worksheets in this book are designed to engage middle primary students (aged 7 to 10) as they learn the fundamentals of written English. References to traditional parts of speech and other points of grammar are avoided, allowing teachers the flexibility to introduce or expand on the specifics at a time of their choosing. The exercises can therefore function as a helpful tool for conducting both diagnostic and formative assessment.

Most units contain an additional exercise called Investigate, which allows students the opportunity to conduct independent research, build vocabulary and present their findings as multimodal texts. Some of these tasks may require additional resources, such as internet access and extra writing materials.

An appendix at the back of the book features advice on word usage, which can be printed out and used as a personal reference for students, or even as a handy guide for teachers.

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