Fully Forming Your Professional Life as a Teacher and Leader

Heart – The Book:

This inspiring book presents the concept of a heartprint the distinctive impression that an educator’s heart leaves on students and colleagues during his or her professional career. For teachers, understand how teacher motivation, teacher-student relationships, and collaborative teaching all affect your career and professional development. For school leaders and administrators, discover your impact on staff, students, and school culture as you progress in your career and gain perspective on creating sustainable change.

The author writes in a conversational manner as he offers his own anecdotes and reflections on being a professional teacher and leader to help readers uncover their professional impact and foster productive, heart-centered classrooms and schools.

Discover Your Answer to the Question “Why Teach” and Advance Your Career in Education:

  • Examine five unique HEART aspects of your professional life: Happiness, Engagement, Alliances, Risk, and Thought.
  • Reflect on your journey and the personal and professional qualities of the teacher or leader you want to be.
  • Discover your distinctive heartprint on your students and colleagues, and decide what the qualities of a good teacher or leader are for you.
  • Gain personal development plan ideas and inspirational insights for your work life from Dr. Kanold as well as dozens of thought leaders and researchers inside and outside of the educational profession.
  • Connect your professional life to each chapter and embed your personal and professional story into the book.
  • Reconnect to the emotion, passion, energy, growth, and collaborative intimacy expected when joining the teaching profession.
  • Use the book as part of professional development for teachers in a group book study.


Heart – The DVD/CD/Facilitator’s Guide + Book:

Empower your team to uncover their professional impact with this book and video set from Dr. Timothy D. Kanold. Included is the award-winning and best-selling HEART! and a facilitator’s guide to implementing the video for book study groups. Participants will explore five essential elements (Happiness, Engagement, Alliances, Risk, and Thought) that will deepen their connection to their work and inspire them to become more reflective and mindful practitioners.

Bundle the HEART! video and book to support passion for teaching and ongoing professional development for teachers and educators.

  • Consider the challenges and stressors related to the teaching profession and motivate teams to reflect on their inner strength and resiliency.
  • Hear stories and honest reflections from real teachers and administrators on being a professional teacher or educator and why they teach.
  • Explore the personal and professional qualities of a teacher that impact student learning.
  • Recognize, support, and engage in alliance with other educators who have an intrinsic passion for teaching and the motivation to work for the success of every student.
  • Understand what it means to develop and pursue a deeply mindful career as a teacher or leader.
  • Help staff and collaborative teaching teams think through and actualize their own personal development plan ideas and become more intentional in their professional teaching lives.

Contained in this bundle:

  • One DVD (the HEART! video)
  • One paperback copy of HEART!: Fully Forming Your Professional Life as a Teacher and Leader (ISBN: 9781943874439 )
  • One paperback facilitator’s guide
  • One CD (featuring one PDF of the facilitator’s guide

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