ISBN: 9781906531287

Essential Resilience & Well-Being Toolkit for Early Years


ISBN: 9781906531287
Author(s) : Tina Rae
SKU: 9781906531287


A ‘must-have’ for all early years practitioners seeking to help young children to thrive.

Supporting the mental well-being of younger children will enable them to thrive emotionally and socially, and learn to cope with life’s adversities as they grow older. This huge range of easy-to-use activities is drawn from evidence-based approaches such as mindfulness and CBT.

  • Part 1 explains why resilience is vital in the early years, outlines the effects of low self-esteem and explores building confidence, regulating emotions and developing problem-solving skills.
  • Part 2 is full of fun activities for individual and group use, including Strengths Finding; Relaxation Tools; Face Your Fears; Feelings Cards; Mood Diary; What Lit the Fuse?; My Anxiety Ladder; Mindful Moments; Using Grit; Helping Hand.
  • Part 3 contains a wealth of information leaflets and tips for carers and professionals on how to provide help at school and in the home.

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