ISBN: 9781877282508

Bully Proof!


ISBN: 9781877282508
Author(s) : Marg Quon
SKU: 9781877282508


Practical Strategies for Dealing with Bullying in Schools

This easy-to-use handbook will support teachers to bully-proof their classroom. It provides professional development support, direction, practical wisdom and expertise for those teachers who have responsibility for dealing with the complex issue of school bullying. Though strongly underpinned by current thinking in the area of managing bullying behaviours, it also takes an accessible and highly practical approach to ways of working with children on this issue.

The book is divided into these sections:

  • Understanding Bullying
  • Bullying Behaviours
  • Who are the Bullies?
  • What is it Like to be Bullied?
  • Getting Help
  • Building Resilience
  • Four Steps Towards a Bully-free Culture

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