ISBN: 9781943874453

Simplifying Common Assessment


ISBN: 9781943874453
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A Guide for Professional Learning Communities at Work

Built on the process featured in Common Formative Assessment: A Toolkit for PLCs at Work, this book demonstrates how educators can develop effective and efficient assessments. The authors simplify assessment development to give teacher teams the confidence to write and use team-designed common formative assessments that help ensure all students master essential skills and concepts.

  • Learn the different purposes that wide-angle questions and close-up questions serve in reaching assessment goals.
  • Understand different types of assessments and what the data gained from each of them can reveal.
  • Frame assessment and feedback methods to pursue the end goal of learning for all.
  • Use templates and protocols to unwrap essential standards, create performance tasks, plan appropriate assessments, and analyze data.
  • Discover a road map that can help guide your work with common assessments.

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