ISBN: 9780863884412

Short-Term Memory Difficulties In Children


This practical resource provides a complete programme of ideas for developing a child’s short-term memory skills.

ISBN: 9780863884412
Author(s) : Joanne Rudland
SKU: 9780863884412


Children who have low self-confidence; a negative attitude towards school; score below average on assessments of language comprehension; and have an erratic pattern of errors with no specific linguistic weaknesses on assessments of comprehension, may be suffering from short-term memory difficulties. Written by a practising speech & language therapist, this book provides a structured yet flexible approach to addressing the needs of children with short-term memory difficulties.

Short-term memory therapy can be of great benefit with very positive results. Memory therapy can have a direct and positive impact on a child’s receptive language skills, self-confidence and ability to learn.

This practical resource provides a complete programme of ideas for developing a child’s short-term memory skills. The programme can be administered in its entirety, or as an accompaniment to clinician’s existing packages of care and is best suited to individual intervention. The book provides a structured programme for individual therapy, although activities may be adapted for group therapy.

Containing photocopiable activity sheets and supporting material, ideal for use with 7 to 11 year-olds, the book also includes child-friendly recording forms and progress charts.
Although written primarily for speech & language therapists, this book will prove useful in teaching and practising memory strategies for learning support assistants, teachers, educational psychologists, parents and anyone working with school-aged children.


  • An introduction to memory theory
  • Strategies for therapy
  • Memory activities for therapy and practice
  • Further resources
  • Assessments, resources, references and bibliography.

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