ISBN: 9781526206602

Positive Behaviours, Relationships And Emotions


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ISBN: 9781526206602
Author(s) : Jacinta Kitt
SKU: 9781526206602


Jacinta Kitt contends in this book that managing interpersonal behaviours, relationships, and emotions is an essential element of school leadership, not an optional extra. It impacts, not merely on the atmosphere of the school, but also on the quality of teaching and learning, the well–being of staff and students.

With over twenty years’ experience as a teacher, communicator and facilitator, Jacinta writes with acumen about the positive work environment, the toxicity of conflict and bullying in the workplace, and offers a guide to the accessible skills of communication, emotional and social intelligence, negotiation and facilitation, as well as the qualities of humour and humility that make for successful school leadership.

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