ISBN: 9780988249318

Teaching Language to Children with Autism or Other Developmental Disabilities


ISBN: 9780988249318
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Updated in 2013 by Dr. Partington, the updated book includes:

  • New References on ASD
  • Expanded information on Motivation and Reinforcement
  • Updated Word Lists
  • Explicit rationale on teaching Manding
  • Changes in procedure for Matching to Sample

Most children with autism or other developmental disabilities experience severe language delays or disorders. Teaching language to these children can be quite a challenge to parents and professionals. This book purposed for autism education presents a state-of-the-art language assessment and intervention program based on B.F. Skinner’s behavioral analysis of language, and the extensive body of empirical research that supports Skinner’s analysis.

The book has four main sections:

  1. Section One provides information regarding preparation for language intervention, including a brief language assessment and a system to interpret the assessment in order to determine the best place to start intervention for an individual child. Section One also contains a chapter on augmentative communication and information on how to decide if it is necessary and if so, which type might be the best for an individual child.
  2. Section Two focuses on the development of initial communication skills for nonverbal children.
  3. Section Three focuses on teaching more advanced language and social skills.
  4. Section Four presents issues relevant to the implementation of a language program in a child’s natural and school environments.

In addition, there are a variety of data sheets and skills tracking forms located throughout the book.

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