ISBN: 9780826496607

100 Ideas For Supporting Pupils With ADHD


ISBN: 9780826496607
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Providing 100 practical ideas to enhance and develop learning, this is a resourceful guide for anyone working to support pupils with ADHD. Each idea has been successfully tried and tested. Ideas range from preparing to teach the ADHD child to helping develop the child’s social skills and self esteem.

Table Of Contents

1. Preparing to teach the child with ADHD
2. Lesson time
3. ADHD and the classroom
4. Behavioural difficulties
5. Helping the pupil with organization
6. Specific learning difficulties
7. Handwriting problems
8. Enhancing self-esteenm and social skills
9. Medication
10. Gifted children with ADHD
11. Parents and colleagues
12. Transitions
13. ADHD with other difficulties

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