ISBN: 9781743308806

Teachers as Architects of Learning, 2nd Edition


ISBN: 9781743308806
SKU: 9781743308806


Twelve Constructs to Design and Configure Successful Learning Experiences

The revised and updated second edition of the bestselling title, Teachers as Architects of Learning supports teachers to develop ideas, consider approaches and, in general, increase levels of consciousness about what they do, why they do it and how they might do it differently. The book enables teachers to develop their own blueprint for teaching through the exploration of twelve learning constructs and 100 strategies.

Teachers as Architects of Learning facilitates teachers to build their wisdom around the art of teaching in order for deeper learning to prevail. It assists them to deconstruct their mental models in order to then construct new learning about their practice. These insights assist them in identifying beliefs that impact their behaviours as their teaching architecture evolves. The premise that beliefs influence behaviours is at the heart of Teachers as Architects of Learning.

The authors draw from extensive personal experiences, research from the field and the reflections of teachers themselves to serve as a catalyst for thinking about their own practice in a way that lets learning lead.

The second edition is a “must-have” book for any educator committed to the development of their own or other’s practice.

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