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Teacher’s Toolkit, The

Teacher's Toolkit: Raise Classroom Achievement with Strategies for Every Learner by Paul Ginnis

Teacher's Toolkit: Raise Classroom Achievement with Strategies for Every Learner by Paul Ginnis

Packed with practical classroom strategies, this teacher’s resource will enable you to:

  • Meet the needs of different learning styles
  • Stimulate your own creativity
  • Add spice to your teaching
  • Challenge the gifted - and the disruptive!

Whatever subject you teach, this comprehensive volume will help to:

  • Develop thinking skills in your students
  • Promote citizenship and an understanding of democracy
  • Fine-tune study skills
  • Help students acquire the attitude and skills for true independence

Drawing on neuroscience, psychology and sociology The Teacher’s Toolkit provides an overview of recent thinking innovations in teaching and presents over fifty learning techniques for all subjects and age groups, with dozens of practical ideas for managing group work, tackling behavioural issues and promoting personal responsibility. It also presents tools for checking your teaching skills - from lesson planning to performance management.

About the Author:

Paul is one of the UK’s oldest-established trainers, having been independent since 1992. To date he has worked in over 4500 primary, secondary and special schools in the UK and in 70 or so international schools in the Middle East, Far East, North and South America, The Caribbean and Europe. Currently he is also supporting the introduction of a new Junior Cycle curriculum in Ireland. All his ideas are forged at the chalk face but inspired by some of the world’s leading educational thinkers.

First and foremost, Paul is a practitioner (beginning teaching in 1979), not a researcher or academic. He seeks to model the way in which current teaching imperatives and modern learning insights can be translated into workable classroom strategies, and to achieve this with a bit a fun along the way.

Even in an aggressive educational world driven by political, inspection and PISA priorities, he believes that it is possible to proceed with integrity, courage and wisdom. To do so, teachers need a few truths about the learning process to guide their creative planning and a good number of proven strategies to set them on their way. From his books and workshops, Paul wants people to take away teaching ideas that will turn passive pupils into active students and consequently result in deep learning, modern skills, essential dispositions, good progress and great results.

Of his many publications, The Teacher’s Toolkit is most well-known, having been reprinted 15 times and translated into Arabic, Indonesian, Hungarian, Slovenian and Spanish. It is one of the UK’s best-selling book for teachers and is required reading on most teacher-training courses.

Beyond education, he is a Stoke City FC season ticket holder and a music lover who is proud to have recently been a roadie for Southside Johnny and a driver for The Zombies. He lives near Stoke-on Trent with his wife Sharon, two cats, one dog and a jukebox. His three children are grown up. Despite his youthful appearance, Paul is now a grandad!

[CODE: CH-6765; 358 Pages]

[Author: Paul Ginnis; Age Suitability: All]


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