ISBN: 9781929229628

Working with Parents


ISBN: 9781929229628
Author(s) : Dr. Ruby K. Payne
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Understanding the mindsets of different economic classes can help teachers become far more effective in communicating with the parents of their students.

Drawing on more than 30 years of experience as a professional educator, school principal, educational consultant, trainer and author, Dr. Ruby K. Payne offers a fountain of knowledge and dozens of helpful hints for working with parents from different socioeconomic classes.

Working with Parents is a handy collection of tips and resources for teachers and other educators. The booklet offers easy-to-understand, quick, and concise information on:

  • Understanding and relating to parents from different economic backgrounds
  • Working with parents from poverty, parents from wealth, and overprotective parents
  • Improving relationships with parents through communication and conflict-resolution strategies
  • Conferencing with parents—a simple, easy form
  • Using case studies to further enhance understanding
  • Involving parents from various backgrounds
  • Using simple interventions that will build student success

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