ISBN: 9781877390432

Using Humour in the Classroom


A hands-on, how-to guide for effective and enjoyable teaching practice.

ISBN: 9781877390432
Author(s) : John Hellner
SKU: 9781877390432


A hands-on, how-to guide for effective and enjoyable teaching practice

Like a beacon of positivity in the serious, pressured environment of education today, Using Humour in the Classroom promotes the use of humour as a way to build rapport, encourage student achievement and growth and help teachers to remain playful and enthused about their work. It addresses both the major advantages of humour and how to avoid the pitfalls that are associated with it. Another invaluable feature of this resource is its wealth of practical ideas about how to nurture and harness humour to make teaching practice more effective. These ideas will sustain, support and surprise you as you develop and refine your teaching skills amid the challenges of the modern classroom.


  • Original and inspiring perspective on professional development
  • Contains a wealth of practical ideas on how to harness humour in the classroom
  • Reinforces a positive vision for teaching that is satisfying and gets results
  • Effective tool for behaviour management in today’s educational climate

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