ISBN: 9781943360635

Supporting Beginning Teachers – 2nd Edition


Support and retain your best and brightest new teachers. With the guidance of the second edition of this acclaimed book, establish programs for better beginning teacher support and professional growth. Learn tips for overwhelmed teachers and how to address high teacher burnout.

ISBN: 9781943360635
Author(s) : Tina H. Boogren
SKU: 9781943360635


 – The Classroom Strategies Series – Support and retain your best and brightest new teachers.

New teachers are leaving the profession at an alarming rate. To help retain and develop beginning educators, professional guidance and support during their initial years in the classroom are vital. In this second edition of Supporting Beginning Teachers, author Tina H. Boogren provides updated research and additional strategies for mentoring the newest educators. With this book’s framework for designing a meaningful and comprehensive teacher mentoring programme, mentors, coaches and school leaders can develop new teachers’ confidence and expertise.

Part of The Classroom Strategies Series, this clear, highly practical guide follows the series format, first summarising key research and then translating it into recommendations for classroom practice. Readers will:

  • Understand the causes of high teacher turnover rates
  • Learn how to create a comprehensive mentoring programme, designed to build new teachers’ expertise by targeting their unique needs
  • Review numerous strategies pertaining to four types of support
    1. Physical
    2. Institutional
    3. Emotional
    4. Instructional
  • Discover how to foster positive mentor-mentee relationships
  • Find reproducible tools, templates, and reflection questions to enhance their understanding of the material

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