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Let’s Get Quizzical


Thematic quizzes and research activities for primary students

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Author(s) : Kylie Mullins
SKU: Let's Get Quizzical

Thematic quizzes and research activities for primary students

The ‘Let’s Get Quizzical’ series is a collection of thematic research quizzes on a wide variety of subjects chosen to suit students in middle to upper primary classes. Each page of quiz questions invites children to explore numerous facets of a topic, using a mix of resource materials: books, newspapers, journals, atlases, as well as the internet. At the bottom of each quiz page a research section is offered for extension work. These “Research and Report” activities encourage students to investigate a topic in more depth than the quiz questions allow. The quiz activities in this book will not only provide children with a useful and interesting store of general knowledge, but they will also foster solid research techniques, which will come in very useful in their further studies.

  • Book 1: Suitable for children in Fourth to Sixth Class (ages: 10-12)
  • Book 2: Suitable for children in First to Third Class (ages: 7-9)


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2 x A4 Teacher Resource Books, Book 1 (10-12 year-olds) & Book 2 (7-9 year-olds) – 36 pages per book


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