ISBN: 9781741707649

Leading and Creating Powerful Learning Relationships


ISBN: 9781741707649
SKU: 9781741707649


A Whole-School Community Approach, Revised Edition

Educators often wonder if their schools are really helping our youth to become better human beings, and we constantly struggle to understand how to do the right thing as teachers and leaders, and make a difference, for our students.

This second edition of Leading and Creating Powerful Learning Relationships: A Whole-School Approach introduces an updated framework for focusing all school activity on the community factors – both human and non-human – that deliver the best learning outcomes for your students, ensuring their success.

The authors have always known that high levels of parent involvement lead to better student achievement, that strong in-depth relationships with students are critical to their success, that curriculum needs to be personalised and engaging, and that community partnerships and support have a positive effect on school success. The framework introduced in Leading and Creating Powerful Learning Relationships presents an integrated map of how to develop teaching and learning relationships that bring these four educational principles to the forefront of all school activity.

Teachers, school leaders and administrators can use this handbook as a guide to creating opportunities for teaching and learning that mobilise every stakeholder within the school and community. This framework has produced proven results, and will teach educators everywhere to lead by moral imperative, rather than personal preferences.

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