ISBN: 9781843121190

Help – There’s a Computer in My Classroom!


 – A Very Practical Guide for Teachers

This book provides a solution to mastering basic computer skills with simple instructions backed up by pictures of what the computer screen should look like at each stage of an activity.

ISBN: 9781843121190
Author(s) : Alison Ball
SKU: 9781843121190
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 – A Very Practical Guide for Teachers

Mastering basic computer skills can be a daunting task for any busy teacher. This book provides a solution with simple instructions backed up by pictures of what the computer screen should look like at each stage of an activity.

Use this book to:

  • Find out what your computer can do
  • Save and organise work on your computer
  • Create activities for children to work through in their own time
  • Organise your class and include all children in activities
  • Maintain your computer

Table of Contents:

  • What’s on the computer
  • Organising the screen
  • Creating screenshots
  • Rules for use
  • Organising groups/inclusion
  • Creating templates/activities
  • Surfing the Internet
  • Surfing for help with software
  • Saving your favourites
  • Maintenance

About the Author:

Alison Ball has 22 years primary teaching experience. She uses her skills in SEN and ICT to work freelance, doing assessments, training and writing articles.

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