Talk It Up

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Author(s) : Maria Gill,


Oral Language activities for the classroom

Looking for the tools to help build children’s confidence and self-expression?

This two-book series offers a programme that will equip your students with the skills to write and present different styles of oral language. Each book contains five main units:

  • Speeches
  • Debates
  • Poetry recitation
  • Interviewing
  • and Promoting & advertising

The lessons within each unit cover:

  • Vocabulary and terms
  • Structure and formats
  • Group practice
  • and Whole-class presentations.

Book 1 enables students to understand different oral language formats and to present the different styles they represent in short speeches.

Book 2 moves to a more complex style and longer speeches.

There are activities for pairs, groups and the whole class and each lesson concludes with an action that is performance-based. Instructions are designed to be appropriate to the age level, with more teacher modelling and cooperative work in Book 1 and more independent projects in Book 2.

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