ISBN: 9781906053802

Take Time: Movement Exercises


ISBN: 9781906053802
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The authors of Take Time tackle some of the root causes behind difficulties in speaking, reading, writing and spelling, especially where there is a lack of co-ordination, rhythm and timing.

The innovative movement exercises, based on curative eurythmy, and the other activities described in Take Time can be tailored specifically to individual situations. This feature has resulted in the enormous popularity of the book, especially for use by parents. It is recommended by all centres concerned with dyslexia, dyspraxia and other difficulties.

Take Time features:

Pointers to clarify areas of difficulty, including timing and rhythm, direction, spatial orientation and movement, sequencing, laterality and fine motor control needed for clear speech and successful writing and reading

  • General exercises for co-ordination and body awareness
  • Specific exercises to help with particular areas of difficulty and individual situations
  • Details of useful resource equipment, books and contact addresses.

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