Take the Fear out of Fractions Series

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Activities to introduce, revise, expand and consolidate fraction, decimal and percentage knowledge and skills.
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SKU: Take the Fear out of Fractions Series


Activities to introduce, revise, expand and consolidate fraction, decimal and percentage knowledge and skills

Fractions have a fearful reputation for being impenetrable, irrelevant and boring. This 2-book series is here to prove the naysayers wrong. Each book offers the building blocks to develop and strengthen students’ knowledge of fractions, decimals and percentages in an approachable and engaging way. Its scaffolded practice activities include accessible explanations and helpful hints to support students to progress with confidence. A great selection of games and fun activities underlines the encouraging point that students can learn and enjoy themselves at the same time. All resources are an easy fit into any classroom programme for in-class work and/or as homework. Book 1 introduces fractions, while Book 2 extends fraction knowledge as well as showing that decimals and percentages need not be scary either.

Features of this 2-Book series:

  • Offers a treasure trove of photocopiable activities to develop and strengthen knowledge and skills with fractions (plus decimals and percentages in Book 2)
  • Suitable for any primary school level, whether the focus is on introducing or consolidating the topic
  • Also suitable for students in secondary school learning support
  • Builds confidence with scaffolded activities that give students the practice they need to move forward
  • Includes numerous games and fun activities to motivate students to continue learning

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2 X A4 Photocopiable Teacher Resource Books – Page count: Book 1: 76 / Book 2: 67


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